Wireless Internet

Got home from work
(which I struggled with today....missing something or rather someone)
Sat outside in the evening sunshine
On deckchair
Which I just rescued from the back of the garage
On the laptop (also rescued a few spiders and removed a few cobwebs)
Writing this
blah, blah, etc.

Whoever invented wireless internet access was a star

But I guess I wont be able to do this tomorrow
Becauase I don't have a waterproof laptop.
Someone should invent one of them....
It's going to rain!

Our lives are idyllic in some respects. Strange to think that the pocket sized “rural idylls” of our gardens were made possible because people actually left arcadia behind: think of the suffering of the early industrial masses who left the farms. Also computers – Babbage’s forgotten invention rejuvented by World War II. Our relaxation & recreation has been purchased with suffering!

Can’t have you enjoying your patio with a clear conscience while I’m stuck with a computer in a hot upstairs bedroom slaving over C++.

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