Cow on the track

Today, lots interesting stories.....
In the news.
Ranging from the really significant right through to the sublime, the ridiculous, the relevant and actually some that are important.
Here's what I reckon...

Government probably going to buy, build, renew more nuclear subs.
Trident. Not incompetent, but maybe struggling with priorities.
Twenty Five billion bounds!!

All stag parties are riots and should be banned.
Kkilling off lovely eastern European cities
Creating industry of unsavourary behaviour.
If I ever get invited I must remember to boycott.

Water company makes a fortune, but leaking gallons of the liquid gold.
When there's a real shortage
kind of feel angry and feeling that they are incompetent.

Talisman Owen, flying back to England because he's got a bad knee.
Kind of feel sorry for him,
although he does earn a fortune every day - so not too sorry.

No. Surely not! Top of the Pops being axed.
Who cares - definitely not me.
Glad my license money is going to spent on something I might just watch

And summer has started. Official.
News ?? Perhaps not.
Indifferent ?? Yep I am, probably.
Tough luck if you've already had your holiday. Book another!

Cow delays trains at Norwich Station.
Need more fences.
But perhaps the best story of the day.

did you see the cow had walked all the way to platform 6 from whitlingham. how impressive is that?
that isn't that far. Hope she didn't get too lonely...
I'm just a bit too old for a stag party, though if someone else was paying...

All I can remember from my adolescent days watching TOTP was Pan's People and seeing one someone in the audience I knew from school.

The cow walked about a mile and a half. That's a fair distance, it ain't a level path and it's across a river bridge.
What amazes me is that it managed to wander past the back of Laurence Scott and the houses and past the Crown Point shunting and assembly yard without being stopped or hit by a passing train on the main London and Thetford lines..
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