I got zero out of ten

Everyone loves a quiz
I didn't do too well on this one
try it (without googling)
it's the 'worlds simplest quiz'.

1 How long was the 100 years war
2 Where were Panama hats made
3 What is cat gut made of
4 When do Russia celebrate their October revolution
5 What is used to make a camel hair brush
6 What are the Canary Islands (Atlantic) named after
7 What was King George 6th first name
8 What colour is a purple finch
9 Where do Chinese gooseberries originate from
10 What colour is the black box in an aeroplane

I got just as many as you right, lol.
I scored one. Question 10
Don't know why I knew that. Perhaps I've seen one fitted to an aircraft at a museum or on a visit to RAF Coltishall or when I worked for a summer at Norwich Airport
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