Lots of things

I took these two today.
Lots of spiders, on my window.
and lots of swans, on my river.

Lots of things today could be giving me stomach rot - but whichever it is, I don't like it much. It could have been something on the bbq last night, but I doubt it, as everyone else is fine. I almost bought a gas bbq yesterday - getting as far as the shop and choosing one, but at the last minute I decided not to. Then cooked a real one when I got home. Real smoke in my eyes. Real good.

It could be that I forgot to take something to NCBC this morning that I should have remembered. That made me feel old (forgetful), useless, and sick. It's not the first time I forgot something. But it was important. Rubbish.

It could be the book I finished last night. It was a good read. But is was all set in WW1, in Flanders. And was very graphic. And very sad. In fact the whole story was sad. Tragic. Sickening. Maybe that made my tum hurt.

Maybe I could have a bug.
Lots of possibilities, but I am definitely going to be better in the morning, and definitely not going to take a day of work!

I'm not liking all those spiders
Although the swans are more likely to kill you...
the spiders were tiny - like about 1or 2 mm from toe to toe. The mother on the other hand.......
Yeah, definitely you’ve got a bug, lots of ‘em by the look of the Photo. Perhaps like the old lady you swallowed a spider! Watch out the birds in the garden! (at least when your not eating smoked sausages)

Yes, I think you did forget to bring something to church on Sunday. Where was the wife?

Good idea, don’t take a day OF work tomorrow, best stay at home.

Oh, yes and I really like the picture of ducks. Queuing up to be swallowed by the look of it!
the spiders remind me of bulgaria - we watched a number of mothers with their tiny dots growing bigger and bigger
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