Picture the scene:
I travel to a lovely country hotel
Don't think I get caught speeding
Which is good
Because ~I wasn't
North Essex is the venue
Having a meeting with colleagues
16 of us.
If only it was 17 - we all love 17.
It's the impressive number apparently.

Are you picturing the scene?
Oak beams
Iced water
Flowers in immaculate gardens
Doors onto patio open to let in sunshine
and birdsong.

Interrupted by a loud roar
No, not a lion.
A different sort of roar
More of a rolls royce aeroplane engine type of roar.

We recover; start speaking again
Then another roar
Flight path problem.
We cope.

Unlike the people in the village,
The 13th century Church
The pub,
The residents
The lovely country hotel

All to be demolished
Just so that we can feed the atmosphere with more CO2
Create more noise
and have cheaper holidays overseas.

This is called progress, I believe.

Stanstead I pressume?

Perhaps we can just stretch ourselves to imagine (with difficulty tho') everyone running around in electric cars recharged from green power stations. But what about flight? I can't see biofuels sustaining the aviation industry.

But I have a cunning plan. I think that Area 51 ought to release details of that flying saucer technology the conspiracy theorists say they are hanging on to.
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