Thank the Lord for Curry

A few things did this to me today.
Made me sad.

First - hearing about a friend's dad, who's not well.
In fact not at all well.
I'm sorry mate.
I don't rightly know how to feel:
I have a dad
and I am a dad
So on either count, guess I will one day feel like my mate, or his dad, or both of them.

Then I saw a huge hosepipe spraying a huge amount of water on a huge expanse of lush green grass. Just so people can play bowls. Sad.

Then I was sat in the office, at 30 or 84 degrees, depending on your language. That made me sweaty rather than sad. I think that might have made other people sad!

Then I had the boiler at home replaced, which on the hottest day of the year is a bit ironic. That cost me loads of money - that made me sad.

Then I had a curry. That made me very happy.

You can't go wrong with curry! It's excellent. I miss Norwcih curries, particularly at Ali. Where did you go? What did you have?
I got it wrong! As I read this post I thought, "I know Stevie by now - I bet he cheers himself up with a punch line about eating a cool rhubard yoghurt, thus restoring peace to his world". Instead he heats himself up with a curry! I usually find that I have to fill in the missing pieces of the great Jigsaw puzzle of life by guessing. As you can see, my guesses are none too hot!
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