Who can know?

Who can speak of wonders yet unseen
Who can weigh the dust of every mountain
Who can see the end from the beginning
Who can walk the mysteries of the deep
Who can roll the waves upon the sea
Who can count the hairs of every creature
Who can birth ten thousand priceless sparrows
Who can carry cumbrous burdens
Who can cause the earth to tremble
Who can still a mighty storm
Who can hear the silence of the stillborn
Who can smell the fear of every death
Who can lead a man to glory
Who can touch the heart of me

Who can know the mind of our creator?
I stand in awe of you.

I do like that song
Wicked song indeed, very much like it.

Martyn Lazelle I believe.
Martyn Layzell is the spelling he uses! Yep, some of the lines were his, and all of the idea was his. I just wanted to add a few more thoughts. But don't try them 'cos they don't fit the tune!
he he - yep we sang it last night :D
you were a week late with that post mate ;)

we do those words next time?
do you think anyone would notice if we sung the extra lines in it?
Just goes to prove you should read something properly. Read first line and last line and ignored the rest.
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