The good part of today was picking cherries in my back garden. We've had a tree for 13 years. In the early years it was too small. Then we never got much fruit, and for the last few years the birds and squirrel has pinched them all. However, this year a bumper crop. Lovely. Mind you a bet I looked pretty stupid half way up a tree with cherries falling about my head. And I'm sure a couple of blackbirds were plotting against me.

The bad part of the day involved spilling water - where water wasn't really wanted.

The cool part of the day, was that it was so hot.

Just a little bit more work on the first paragraph Stevie, and you can turn it into a generic parable combining the salient points of the sower, the grape vine, the good shepherd, the husbandmen, with an anti "No 13" supersticion message to boot.

As for the water spillage: You could have combined the bad part of the day with the cool part of the day by spilling the water on yourself!
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