Guess where

Yep, we've been to Paris.
This is the base of Eiffel's tower.
It's big!

Paris was
and probably still is

Very hot
Lots of people
Strong coffee

And a few steps up to
Sacre Coeur

Did us proud

Some night time pics
in My Photos.

OK I believe you, you've been to Paris, but that's because you're an honest chap: if some people can maintain the Moon landing was a mock up using 1960s technology, whose to tell that these pics are not a mock up in your living room using 3rd millenium computer technology?

Hmmm ... seem to remember once challenging Jools on his Bath City pics - never really got to the bottom of that one.
Interesting that you only show the legs of the eiffel tower - you must have run out of Meccano. So you never got set 9B for Christmas.
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