Hot Coals

Thought these should be seen
to continue the food theme
And in the interest of you who hate
meat - I've eaten the steak.

Never know what to do at the end
with the hot coals
Done marsh mallows and toast.
Seems mean to douse them with water
to save them for another occasion.
So they just burn away.

Can't beat a good BBQ though.

Talking of which - I'm of to Perth tomorrow.
I understand our Aussie friends like a good ol' barbie.
Probably on the beach.
So maybe I'll get one tomorrow.

I am struggling to understand how I can get there and back in the same day.

I had a brain wave the other day - put the coal ash in the compost heap. Unfortunately, you cant. Is not good for the heap. oh well. back to the drawing board.
how are you (or were you) off to perth?!!
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