Lots has been happening in the news
and I've hardly commented on it
so thought I should perhaps
say something
although it's quite difficult to know
what to say
because it's all so bad
particularly in Lebanon
where bombers are firing
at each other
killing a load of innocent people
both sides
thinking they are right
and the civilized world standing by
doing very little
and then there is british gas
stuffing the british public
with prices that are unreasonable
then there are the sporting cheats
who dose up to win
the whole place is mad
glad it's only a twinkling of an eye
and one day
I'll be it looking at
a place that
shines with the glory
of God
and its brilliance
like that of a very precious jewel,
like a jasper, clear as crystal
which of course
I can't imagine!

Yes, what can you say? What worries me is that there can come a point, if you allow it, when it all just washes over you - that may be because there seems nothing you can do about it - a kind of "concentration camp maliase", a way of themostating out of this world with its pains.
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