The Prom
The prom girl and outfit,
both looking good.

So, I how can I possibly turn into a grumpy old man when I have someone like this around me.

But be warned, she, and her bro, will go soon. Go out into the big wide world.

And I'll be empty nested.
And maybe grumpy and old(er)
On the other hand.

I may be out every night, have lots of holidays, have a bathroom to myself, be able to find food in the cupboard, watch the TV I want too.....

There you go - you can see my potential grumpiness festering below the surface!

Back to the girl......
you looked great, well done.

Last time I saw something this lovely in a garden was at Kew - a chronically corny complimentary comment I know, but all I can think of this late at night. It's been a tough week on the thinking front for me.

I used to call my granfather "Gramps". Perhaps you and I will be called "Grumps".
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