Sloppy Giuseppi (pizza)

So named after the chef who first put hot spiced beef, green peppers and onions onto a classic base. Anyway I've had 4 of these in the last 10 days.

First with some friends whilst putting the world to rights.
Second with some colleagues putting a team together.
Third with a wife putting in some quality time.
Fourth with the parents catching up before a show.

I've probably had enough Sloppy Jo now - but it was good while it lasted. Not as good as the company of course.

All I need now is to burn off the excess calories.

Ah, I almost forget. I also ordered a take out pizza. I said to the guy one Sloppy Jo please, to go. He said is it just for you. I said yes. He said can I cut it into slices for you. I said yes. He said 4 or 6 slices. I said I'm not hungry enough for 6, so better make it 4.

I'm off for a run.

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