Hurrah! I'm back

So, after 7 days, and what seems like 77 hours on the phone to some lovely (I mean it - they were) Indian call centre agents I am back up and running.

So the story is something like this.

There was a fault with my BT line
The BT line was reset/fixed/sorted
My connection still didn't work with my Netgear kit
I found an old modem in the loft - hard wired into my laptop
Installed a load of modem drivers for this old modem
Got onto the internet.
Proof - line definitely fixed.
Netgear wireless router still didn't work
Different Indian call centre
Another nice man
Because the BT line was fixed and reinstalled, and therefore 'updated' my Netgear equipment was out of date - apparantly - and so didn't work.
Needed to download some 'firmware' onto the router
Reconnect old router
Download software from web
Load it onto router - first unzipping it
Reset router - combo of buttons and pencil in hidden black hole.
Try to remember the settings on router prior to reset!
Quick prayer
And here I am.

ah what british call centres could learn from those in mumbai - i gather all the best companies use them (and I've never had anything but excellent service from them).

Am still pretty much driven by price in the end tho!!
Seems like you've got the know-how now. If I ever have problems I know who I'm going to call....
As it's September then you might say that you are having a kind of Indian summer for blogging.

Whatever made them give up the Indian sub-continent as a colony? Bring back the empire is what I say!
goodness me what a hassle!

which netgear router do you have?
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