The plot

"But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom"

Part of a song we sang tonight
I almost said "I sang tonight'
But my singing is quite poor.

Anyway - the song is true.

Trouble with most of us is that we are a bit ignorant of the amazing nature of God's love for us, because we have minimised what we used to call 'sin' in the old days. If we really knew what our sin did to a pure and holy God - or how it makes him God feel - than we we would really begin to understand how much he loves to us .

So, after my moment of thought back to normal posting tomorrow.
'Posting' for those un initiated in the lingo of blogging is simply writing an entry.

In the mean time - how many of you can touch you two elbows together, and bring them both - whilst still touching - towards your face, and then touch your nose with those same two elbows. Go on, try it! If any one sees you and asks if you've lost the plot - tell them 'no', but you know someone who has!

Well thanks, I've now got a dislocated shoulder.
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