Rocking all over the world

The Blog has been a bit quiet recently
I think it must be all this hot summer weather that's keeping me outside in the glorious late evening sunshine. Not.
So what's on my mind - apart from the lovely suntan:
Well, I'm reading a book about Afghanistan and the Taliban, really interesting.
Are you impressed?
Actually it's a book about a bloke who could be in any country, a bloke who lives, lies, lays, laughs and loves. Not much changes anywhere in the world really.
I'm also thinking about my stomach, and should I go any buy some food.
And I'm thinking about that poor chap in the elephant story.
I bought a new squash racket yesterday - played it last night. It was fantastic. Air guitar on a squash racket to Jimmy Hendrix. Brilliant. I should be on stage. Hopefully I'll get on a squash court again soon.....

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