For 2 adults
At the cinema
Seems quite steep
When I can get a DVD
For £2.50, and watch it solid
for 2 days. Mind you, It's a nice
big screen, and I could hear what was
being said, during the Sentinel. Surprised
by how much security surorunds His majesty,
the President, and his First Lady. Think of the cost
to the poor American taxpayer. Actually Stevie.g must
remember that it was just a film, with no truth and no fact.
The only truth is that the female star, see picture, looked fantastic!

ah see, you need to go to hollywood where it's £2.99 with a free gold card ;)
Yeah, she may look fantastic, but how's her personality? I would have thought Puppet Man has more character (just not as pleasing to the eye!)
do you know her helsalata, it's diificult to assess the charecter of a celeb and assumtions shouldn't be based on what you hear about them. 'believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear'! she could be really nice, you never know. anyway i didn't rate that film a great deal, not as good as 24 and not worth a massive £12.50, although thats probably half the price of seeing norwich lose 1-0 to crystal palace
who is she anyway?

we had free tickets to see Children of Men on Wednesday. I was really lloking forward to it and I would like to say it was fantastic. But unfortunatley Helen got caught up in a snarl up on the bypass and we missed it.

Free tickets are good. The BBC Film06 website often has giveaways.
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