Job losses announced by my firm today
I love my firm
So much so that I've stayed for 21 years
And I understand the logic..


It's a big number
It's 4000 ones
And as we all know one is very important.
I'm a one

One finds out ones fate in a couple of weeks.

I'll keep you posted.

the organisation I work for is losing 30-50% of its workforce over the course of the next 6 months. however the problem for us is that no one has a clue what's happening even after something was announced in July.

The major thing which employees constantly ask for is a speedy resolution. There are many people who simply don't know what to do - do they wait around for a payout, apply for new jobs, start to retrain?

It's a kind of limbo and not at all fair.

However, we are at the hands of the ivory tower "decision makers". We don't expect a final decision now for a few months as they consider totally unrelated issues alongside.

let's hope the NU process is smoother.
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