Things to remember today:
my friend Kath's birthday
the Scots defeating the English in the battle of Stirling Bridge
the world trade centre acts of terrorism, and start of our so called 'war on terror'.

I meant to have moment of reflection and quiet in the office, particularly for the third remembrance.
But I forgot!!

Today was however warm and sunny.

And I just learnt that in Siberia, the permafrost is beginning to thaw - first time in 40,000 years. Perhaps this is the most significant thing of all the things to think about today. 40,000 years is a long tome to be frozen, and all the busy little bacteria and plants are waking up and pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, accelerating the warming of our planet.

Maybe I can have more lunchtimes sat out in the graveyard outside our office enjoying the warm sun.

humans = 0 points for stewardship of the earth
The fires of 9/11, Global warming and you finish up in graveyard! Grim reading! Surely you could relieve the gloom just a little by sticking in a reference to a cool rhubarb yoghurt somewhere!
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