Is it right to heckle the Home Secretary when he makes a speech?

Who knows - I don't.

Anyway yesterday I had a coffee in Starbucks
(don't tell!)
And from the window upstairs I watched a guy 'performing'.
If you're in my town you'll know who I mean:
A bit disheveled
Older (than me)
Two socks (puppets) on his hands
A old cassette player
On a cardboard box
Mad dancing.

I'm embarrassed when I see him.
Cos I don't know what to do, think, say.

Lots of people talked to him
(I noticed from the safety of Starbucks)
Some to take the Michael
and have their picture taken with him
Some because they couldn't believe what they were seeing
Some to give him advice.

But of course I couldn't hear what was being said.

I could see the phone cameras
I could see the smirks.

My question to you folks:

"What should I think?"

He makes Norwich a more interesting place to live. Do we do the same?
Are you dissing puppet man??

Did you know he had to give up doing his thing in London Street about 10 years ago because the DSS were going to stop his disability benefit because he was busking. It's quite amazing how we treat some people in this country.

Anyway, he's back so that's great!!


ps I hope you picked up a free bag of coffee grounds for your compost heap?
... and check out my blog to see a picture
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