Outlook Express

Today I was sat on a train,
working most of the time:
Occasionally, day dreaming.

I wondered how long it would be
before someone shouted into their mobile phone;
"I'm on the train"
"I can't hear you"
" I'll be quick - about to go into a tunn..... too late"
"bad line..." as if it was the fault of the poor recipient of the phone call.

Then I wondered if I'd catch the flu
from the sneezing gentleman next to me.

Then I wondered if the main behind me
could read my emails.
So I tried to hide the screen.
Got cramp.

I wondered why I was so uncomfortable
The remember that I was on a train.

Also - would the train be 20 minutes late
(yes, of course it was!).

Finally I wondered how sad I was going to be
in a couple of weeks
when 'the boy'
leaves home (temporarily)
But I stopped
because I didn't want the man opposite me
to think I was a wimp....

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