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Paying off debts to African countries means:

They don't collect the taxes from the wealthy (and perhaps corrupt) ruling classes.
They never try and sort out their own problems -relying on free handouts.
The get away with 'it' whilst the countries who have worked hard to sort out their affairs are penalised.
They are able to use handouts for lavish parliament building and lifestyles whilst the people starve.

So says a professor of economics from on e of the effected African counties.

He was talking on the Radio (4).

And he pleaded with the West to let them alone to sort out their own problems

I was left no knowing what I thought?

yes indeed, which I wasn't ever over enamoured with the Make Poverty History Campaign - this background just wasn't explained enough. And there was a lot of bandwagon hopping.

I'm not saying that I disagreed with the campaign as such but simply pointed out that it perhaps wasn't the solution that everyone thought.

I sincerely hope it is though.
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