Spare room to rent!

So, how does it feel to have a son leave home.
Well, a little bit of this (sad) and a little bit of that (happy).
Sad 'cos I'll miss him.
No one to watch footy with in quite the same way
(the girls are great at watching football, but somehow
it's not quite the same - sorry girls, love you!!)
No one the have that knowing male look with.
You know the one, when someone does something silly.
No one to blame any bad odour on.
No one to lift those heavy boxes.
No one to fill the big empty spaces
No one to take up all three seats on the sofa.
Happy because
He's happy
He's grown up - just about, usually.
He's got the world at his fingertips
He's making the most of all the advantages he has
He doing what he wants to do
He's left loads and loads of happy memories
Happy when there's some beer left in the fridge
Happy because he'll be home before too long

Happy because we have txt msgs.

Will he become a blogger so we can read about his adventures?
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