Christmas Meals

It's that time again.
Having to chose what I want to eat
In 4 weeks time
For work Christmas meals.
I don't know what I'll fancy.
I reckon, as a rule,
if I order in advance
it will be cooked in advance
and reheated a couple of times
prior to consuming.
So I refuse!

And will sit on my own,
Billy no mates,
in the empty office.

And I'll sit and wonder
how Keep Off The Grass
signs got there.

And maybe I'll sit and wonder
if my invisible ink has run out.

And I'll sit and wonder
if I'm an old grump.

I told my meal organiser that I can't afford to spend £18 on a three course meal this year. What I should have said was that I can't afford to spend £18 on reheated food this year. What a rip off!
I told them at work I didnt want to spend £16-20 on plastic pub food. But did want to make an effort to be sociable since I never go out with them. So we are going to Adlards. It's £26 but I'm kinda hoping with their reputation, they wont let us down. I've not been there before so quite looking forward to it.
Stock pile a some rhubarb yoghurts: they'll help you fight those "left alone" Xmas blues.

I must say the Xmas pud looks appetising. Anything fat, heavy and stodgy and it's hit with me! (must be why I married Angela - I can get away with saying that because she never reads my blog stuff)
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