Class Act


Man o man.
Highly recommend you to go take a listen
I was checking it out on Saturday Night
In London
Having seen fireworks on the Thames
and having watched
A whole load of people
walk, ride, drive
in something called the
Lord Mayor's Procession.

What struck me was
People like dressing up in weird costumes
A lot of people are involved in charity organisations
The brass/marching bands of the various armed forces are good
The army boys look really hard
Fireworks are a waste of money

And about the concert
How can so many people
all play
in time and in tune
with each other
and how
can someone imagine a sound
and compose it
and write it down
and 100 years later, still cause
a tear
or two
in my uncompassionate eye.

A class act

glad you enjoyed the concert
I obviously had some effect on your education.
to be fair, it's their job to be good, they're professional. Having said that, a top orchestra on top of their game is sublime. I used to go very regularly to London concerts in my youth. How I miss it.
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