I haven't said much about being an empty nester in two or three months. That doesn't mean that I've not been thinking about it. In fact I thought about it today when someone on the news said something about a 65 million year old Raptor nest - including 22 tiny fossil eggs. I probably thought about it because I feel like a bit of an old dinosaur. And this made much worse today because I've twisted, bent, hurt, upset, torn, stretched, aggravated, whatever my knee. So much so that I had to cancel a squash game for the first time ever. Dear o dear. Someone is going to buy the nest for a few hundred thousand dollars. My nest is worth a whole load more than that - at least in my eyes - but mine can't or wont be fossilised. Mine is no more. It is a dead nest. Because life moves on. I have thought a bit about whether I'd want to get it back to how it was 6 months ago - just like the movie maker of Jurassic park resurrects the beasts from 65 million years ago. But I don't.

Looks like another "6 Rhubharb Yoghurt" problem to me! (Might find that it also has curative poultice properties for bad knees joints as well)

Feel like an old Dinosaur? Think you've problems! Just be glad that you don't feel like a missing link!
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