This weekend

On Saturday - Norwich, vs Sunderland
On Sunday - Helen G, with the bishop doing his stuff

Come on yellows, let's do it.
By us, you understand, I count myself - an integral part of the team
So we need to do it, to win, or at least score a goal, please, pretty please.

More importantly, this weekend is Helen G's weekend.

Here's some words for a song that I think's appropriate, maybe.... Hope it goes ok Helen.

God in my living
There in my breathing
God in my waking
God in my sleeping
God in my resting
There in my working
God in my thinking
God in my speaking

Be my everything

God in my hoping
There in my dreaming
God in my watching
God in my waiting
God in my laughing
There in my weeping
God in my hurting
God in my healing

Be my everything

I do like that song
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