Tuesday Evening

Two things today make me feel a bit grim

First, feeling a bit disappointed
All to do with people and relationships at work
(don't panic, not home, home is lovely, but I am missing my little boy!)
Maybe I'm not supposed to have feelings and emotions
But heck, I do!

Second, I've been watching a bit of a documentary/drama
showing the outcome of a flu pandemic.
"We're all doomed", even before Global Warming or Islamic terrorists can get us

The flu thing was only a story, but I'm guessing it could easily become reality - in fact is pretty likely. I'm going to go and get an orange after I written this!

Oranges are good aren't they?

After feeling grim, I had to type up these words of a song:

Bring me to my knees
Every time that I feel strong
Take away my pride
Thinking I can manage alone.

Lead me to the cross
Every time that I feel weak.
In frailty you are strong.
The greatest love that man has ever seen.

I feel better already.
And they just invented a anti-viral drug in the drama!

I agree that oranges are delicious, but I'm more of a clementine fan myself- they're easier to eat! Home you had a better day today!
Oops- I meant hope, not home!
i miss you too dad
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