Christmas Shopping

Has some good points - like pretty lights
and electric atmosphere.
Bargains, smells, noise, music, sights.

And that's why I love it.

However, today, Norwich was packed, with 'people'.
I couldn't breath.
And not a single one of them knew why they were there, or,
what was the point - so it seemed.

I heard swearing and cursing. Arguing
and general unhappiness.

So, I've resorted to internet shopping.
In two or three days time there will be little cards
pushed through my letter box.
Informing me that 'we tried to deliver'.
Then I will have to take time off work
to go and queue again.

And eventually I'm guessing I'll open the packages
to find the wrong items.
And then I'll wish I stuck with the crowds and
repeating Christmas Carols.

Oh Joy.

cab driver from the train station last night drove the long way round back home - said he's never seen the city so busy on a thursday night.

I just dont understand people's desperation to go shopping with hald the world in the weeks leading up to 25 December
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