Happy Christmas

The turkey took 4 hours and 5 minutes to cook. Probably 6 months to grow so fat and juicy. The wine took 5 years and probably about 3 months. And tasted good. The day took 24 hours to pass. And was good too.

But I wanted to talk about the tree. Our poor tree. Took about 10 years to grow I'’m guessing. But the top broke just before we rescued it. And brought it home. So now it looks topless. Some things might appeal in a topless sense. But not the tree. It has had a touch of ridicule. But we love you, dear Mr Christmas Tree. And to prove it, I'’m putting your picture. On the www. For all to see. Fame at last.

Hmmm ...photo's a bit dark. Perhaps not exactly up to the usual Stevie-gee-bee high standard and it seems to have been taken whilst lying on the floor. You didn't take that advice from Dr. Feelgood too seriously did you? (re: mulled wine and guiness)
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