I spent all day decorating

So, a young couple are about to be married - and are happily driving along to the Church to get to the ceremony - but disaster hits, the car crashes and both end up at the entrance to heaven. Whilst waiting for St Peter to let them in they discuss whether they would be able to complete the job, and get married in Heaven.
So, being forward types, they ask the Saint. "Can we marry in heaven?"
Peter doesn't know, so he runs off to find out.
Many weeks later he comes back. Months in fact. Three months I think.
YES is the answer, come in and marry.
The couple have one final question. "Having being married in heaven, would we ever be able to divorce, or is that out of the question?"
St Peter is exasperated! He says:
"My friends, it took me three months to find a priest up here - imagine how long it would take to find a lawyer!"

That's how bored I got painting.
But it looks great.

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