Kicked out

Have you every kicked out at something, in desperation.
Well, I was kicked out last night

It was very funny!

I was on a train - fairly empty - at 8.30pm out of Liverpool Street
I was late
So I jumped on the first carriage
First Class
(I'm not allowed to travel first class)
So began to walk through the carriages to Standard Class
Saw a colleague/friend from long time ago
In first class
He's just ordered a bottle of wine
Shiraz - Australian - 2001 - nice!
I hadn't seen him since 200!
I sat down
We chatted
He ate his meal
We shared some wine
Waitress, she was ok, but thought she'd get in trouble
A few minutes later, the conductor came along
Said I couldn't sit there
We chatted - friendly like - told story of friend etc - said would be moving along soon
He seemed ok
An hour later, he escorted me off first class
I'm a very bad boy/traveller.
Never been kicked out of first class before.
I might be on a black list

I guess you had to be there, but it was very funny.

I Once had similar problem myself.
I arrived late at the station.
Dived on to the nearest carriage.
Doors close, train starts.
I look around.
Men in suits?
Men in black?
White napkins over the seat backs?
Lights over the tables?
It was 1st class.
It was a sealed railcar!
I wasn't going anywhere for the next 20 mins.
The ticket collector didn't appear.
So I got a bargain for a 2nd class fare.
if it was the dining car, you should have joined him in a meal - you can sit there if you travel standard and it's cheaper to eat than upgrade to first (I can recommend the One Breakfast).
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