When I say marbles, you may think of two different things? The game or the mind.

The game is a funny old thing with glass balls - we used to play on the coal stack at school. This was about 35 years ago, when coal stacks in the school playground were all the rage. Our glass got black, and our knees (yes we wore short trousers) black too.

But I'm not thinking about that.

Nor am I thinking about all my friends and relatives who have lost theirs. Marbles. Not glass this time but the mind. Most of my friends and relatives would think I've lost mine too.

But I'm not thinking about that.

I am thinking about the Marble Hall at work. A magnificent building, with the board rooms and various other grand settings. So today I had a long meeting in one of these rooms. Normally our rooms are air conditioned, have good lighting, internet connections, white boards etc. But today we went grand. So poor lighting, no white boards, and windows stuck shut with 200 years worth of paint! It was hot, stuffy, smelly. But very grand. Shame they had removed the crystal decanters - I could have done with a stiff drink after 7 hours.

The one saving grace was that I could see marble. The stone. Which helped me day dream about happy school days and dirty knees.

england's batsmen lost their marbles
Which relatives have lost their marbles???
good point!
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