Often to think I need to sit
Down, write out my thoughts and blog it.
Maybe I've done it too long
And I judged my readers all wrong.
I need to know - should I quit?

no ;)
Certainly not!

Old (ish) Man
Happy Xmas!

Dr. Feelgood says....
Have a Guiness, Pheasant, mulled wine, or Rhubbarb Yoghurt and you'll feel fine! It's just Xmas blues! You'll be OK on wednesday. If not give me a call...

(Actually my favourite is Port and blue vein cheese beside a bright fire and Xmas tree)
I was wondering, last night while watching Grumpy Old Men, of which I consider myself one of, whether Blogs are just a selfish, narcissistic way of inflicting views or uninteresting facts about yourself on others.

I'm not sure I hold that view, being of a tad voyeuristic persuasion. I like to know what people are up to.

In particular, I thought who's blog would I miss. Yours was one of them. In fact, more people should blog.

So, in answer to your question, my view would be no, don't stop.
Definitely not

An old friend of Old(ish) Man
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