10 Years Younger

Happens to be on
at the moment.
The idea is that
someone gets surveyed
'how old are they'
work is done
hair, teeth, face, cloths
then re-survey.
If you survey comes back with
10 years of age reduction
then bingo
not sure who's the winner.

So with my birthday
coming up
next week
(hope you've not
I'm wondering
should I
try and lose
10 years
from my look
and get back to my
late twenties.

The lady on TV
lost 19

What a daft show.

I actually think its a sinister show. It infers that the outward appearance of the physical being has some kind of influence on the inner being - the soul.

And it appears to have just such an effect - Oh dear.

This means we are going to have to rewrite whole sections of the Bible and the term being 'born again' now refers to the day you had your first face lift. Being 'lifted up by the spirit' is an obvious reference to a eyebow job and being made 'whole again' is receiving a new set of pearly white dentures.

Roll on reality Religion
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