Appraisal Time

At work this week
I'm doing and being done too
A time of reflection and thinking.

My questions
Do I want to learn new tricks?
Can I learn new things?
Can this wonderful beautiful leopard
Really change it's spots?

I didn't realise that this saying was actually (maybe originally) in the good book (Jeremiah 13) "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil." or put another way "Can an African change skin? Can a leopard get rid of its spots? So what are the odds on you doing good, you who are so long-practiced in evil?"

I think and thank God that there is hope (for me and you).

But probably not for the poor leopard. There are 7 sub species, of which 6 are in danger of extinction.

I don't suppose the leopard would even want to change his "amuse and confuse" camouflage, but perhaps that's what Jeremiah is getting at.

I wonder if it's politicaly correct to us the "Ethiopan" bit of this verse nowadays? - it's a bit like saying "Can Chris Sharpe change his skin colour?"
or equally can Timothy Reeves ?
Interesting framing issue here. Think of the leopard: is it black markings on a white background or white markings on a black background? At what point does a colour become background, and therefore merge into the environment and become something that no longer registers? If being white I no longer register that makes me background and therefore "changing" becomes a non-issue.

Perhaps that's how the leopard's spots work: by the time the it's prey has figured out these deep philosphical issues the leopard has got an easy meal.
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