Do you love chips?

For every bad thing, think of 3 good things and that will keep you sane.

So said someone famous - which I recently read (somewhere, can't remember where).

So, almost everyone is saying Iraq is bad (everyone except Messers Bush and Blair). I assume that 'everyone' is referring to the war.

So, here are three good things about Iraq.

5000 years ago the Sumerians, who lived in what is now Iraq, wrote down recipes for brewing beer. I love beer, therefore I love Iraq.

Iraq (or the land where Iraq is) was probably the area where the world's first civilisation was established. I'm civilised, therefore my roots are in Iraq, therefore I love Iraq.

The name Iraq means: country with deep roots. I love potatoes, carrots, parsnips - in fact any such food. And I love to have roots - i.e to belong somewhere and mean something. I love chips, therefore I love Iraq.


you're mad dad
Very deep and incisive. I like it!

But then I like chips too!

And more importantly both CHIP and IRAQ have 4 letters and they both have an I in them.

CHIP has only one vowel which rhymes with Trowel and is something you dig with to get at potatoes.

So I must love Iraq as well.

Thanks for helping me to see everything so clearly
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