Everything the same

So, I went back to work on Wednesday. Not surprisingly everything was the same. My desk was just where I left it. My dirty mug was still on the desk. The same unanswered emails were waiting for an answer. Hey hoe.

But that was good, I would have been a bit put out not to have a desk, or to have been locked out of my systems.

The Christmas tree is still up and shedding needles and I reckon it should go down as soon as - is it meant to be Saturday? Not sure if I can wait that long - especially as Saturday will be all about watching Norwich City on TV in the FA Cup, beating that massive team Tamworth. As well as a fantastic football team - we will do well to beat them - they are famous for their wonderful pigs.
Talking of which, I had a bacon bap the other day - yummy.

some of us returned to work last week (well at least for a couple of hours).

Cup upset on the cards I feel ... check out

Hi Steve

Where was the woodland photo taken?

As far as Tamworth are concerned - oink oink - and this little piggy chased Norwich all the way out of the FA cup.

I hope not but on recent form!
The Yummy Bacon Bap - did you go the whole hog and eat the lot?
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