Jealousy - Chocolate - TV

Three things that I learnt about today. I'm not sure if they are connected.

Jealousy is a bad thing. I probably knew that. Comparison kills community. I probably didn't appreciate that. What I really don't know, and still don't know, is how much envy or 'wanting' influences my thinking.
Chocolate is great. Chocolate companies, hmmmm. Apparently in the highly competitive chocolate bar market (kit kat, mars bar, double decker, lion bar, etc etc etc) the trick is to create a bar with as little chocolate as possible, because it's the chocolate that is the most expensive. So the lower the chocolate level, the more profit potential.
TV. Sky are planning on automatically downloading programmes overnight to store on your Sky box (on unused hard disk space) - even if you don't want it. Then the next day you can watch what Sky think of as good. BBC are in catch up mode, and have been given approval to allow broadband users to download TV programmes broadcasted over the past week - storing them on your pc for a month - a bit like they already do with radio and podcasts.

So three things I didn't know.

I'd love to get a new LCD TV like some of my friends, I'd watch lots of saved TV programmes on it and eat chocolate, although unlike some lucky people, I'd just get fat and wouldn't be able to run up the stairs.

You mean you do still run up the stairs? Actually Stevie, you (like me) might soon be approaching that time of life when it is not advisable to run up the stairs - in fact it's a good idea to have a few seconds rest half way up - makes sure that when you get to the top you still have enough energy to do whatever you need to do once you have completed the ascent.
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