Norfolk or Suffolk

So, the last picture I described as a good old Norfolk Sky. It has to be said that I was actually standing in Suffolk and, although I was looking in the general direction of Northish, and depending on how far away the sky was, and the curvature of the earths axis, it was probably a Suffolk sky. So apologies. I will try and find a Norfolk Sky this coming weekend.

Not sure if Suffolk has anything over Norfolk. (except Sky, which is over both)O

I resent paying my £40 per month for Sky - the broadcasting Sky. Norfolk and Suffolk skies are free.

Today was a Monday - which means back to work and the hustle and bustle of corporate life. Which today involved trying to understand how my costs are allocated across different business units. Suffice to say, yesterday's discussion about what it means to have a Heart for 'something', where something is probably something good and worthwhile, like a heart for the poor, the lost, the etc, was a lot more stimulating.

Not sure yet what I have a heart for.... but I do want my cold old stone heart replaced by something a bit more tender and loving.

but you do get to watch 24 with sky...
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