Norwich 0 - Wolves 1

Just got back
an interesting match
cheers and cheers in the first half
quickly fading to boos and boos
and frustration
in the second
I love it
and hate it
that's how to enjoy football

More interesting was an afternoon
at work
where I learnt all about
accessibility (on web sites)
and how it's possible to make the web sites
for people (yes real people)
with all sort of disabilities
I hadn't really appreciated
how hard we made it
and I wondered how I would feel if I couldn't
use the Internet

I'm off to London - and am
that One Railway
know how to drive trains

i missed the game due to a long day in london. All a bit predictable though.

On accessibility, it's good to see NUD investing some time on this - been a bugbear of mine for a long time. It's not only crucial for web browsing to be inclusive for all (and that means sometimes sacrificing looks) but also ensuring that sites work in other browsers and on Macs!!!
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