Tonight at school were prizes for doing stuff last year.
And it was cool.
The guest speaker was funny.
He told us all to follow (but I guess mainly the students)
To follow our hearts, and do something we enjoy with our lives.
And also, he said don't be known as a one trick pony
But try lots of different things in life
(he meant careers, or hobbies, or interests - he didn't mean wives)

I'm glad I went. Now I'm wondering whether I enjoy what I do. But he wasn't talking to me. So I'm going to stop wondering.

Then I got in, and watched Ugly Betty on TV - enjoyed it. Anyone else see it?

They never mentioned 'The Blues' when we were at school.

Its a state of mind which veers slightly nearer to 'depression' than 'euphoria' on the general scale of things - I recommend you drink a pint of Woodfordes Wherry and contemplate the dire state of English cricket. If that doesn't work then you are in serious trouble but the multiple wives option is not all its cracked up to be!

There's usually something in Romans to stir the soul and trim the sails
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