To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold

Well, today it snowed
or was it last night.
Certainly it was all white
when I woke up.
Compared to Buffalo
I guess it was nothing.
for me it was
all right.
I love the snow.
I think, maybe
that I'll get snowed in,
which then makes me excited.
All white, all right.

I didn't study a snow flake
and I didn't stand out in the cold
But I did get on my bike
and get wet shoes and socks
In fact
The wet ones are still drying out
under my desk
It will smell in the office

Tigers love snow
Or rather
I love this picture
of a tiger in the snow

If it snows tomorrow
I will stand out in it
and study a flake.

I stayed in all day in the warm. I didn't even get out on my bike....
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