Water flows, but rocks remain

Before I say anything else;
I must let you know that the showers after squash were hot again.

Having got that major trauma out of the way.....

We should think about some Romanian Proverbs, after all, we have just welcomed the people into our European show.

"Defend me from chickens, for dogs I'm not afraid of."
"A dog dies from too much walking, a fool from worrying about other's business."
"Until the bitch raises her tail, the dogs don't smell her"
"The gentle cat scratches the worst."
"If the sun doesn't come through the window, the doctor will come through the door."
"He who steals an egg today, will steal an ox tomorrow!"
"Don't measure others with your own hand."

(The last one meaning, if you hadn't already guessed: Some people may have reasons unknown to you for doing certain things. I particularly like this one!)

i think they made most of those up or at the very least plagerised the real ones. I do like the sunshine/doctor one though.
I thought the last one was refering to the international unit of height for a horse - The Hand. So by measring another person's horse with your own hand you get a different value and this can lead to an argument and probably civil war, so its not a good idea.
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