Here we go.......

Exactly as I predicted
Most of the next two weeks
Premises (i.e. nest) are vacated
Two chicks are gone
Yesteryear seems so long ago

Not that I'm complaining
Everything comes to and end
Some new things are coming
Tomorrow is a bright new day

But where are they
Early this morning the youngest
Chick left
Coach wasn't there at 7.15 as planned
Arrival was confirmed 10 hours later

In the whole scheme of things
Nine or ten days isn't too long

Friends will look after me
Relatives will ring me
And I will survive on my lonesome
Now I understand how the bird feels
Coping with and empty nest
Except the bird has a fresh brood the following spring!!!

Well having handed out some advice in my last comment on how to successfully reach the summit of your stairs here is:

When all the chicks have left your nest grab a Granny and see if she can teach you how to suck any spare eggs that have been left lying around.
Can't look after you but I can email occasionally - hope that's enough!

Where has chick number two gone then? Somewhere foreign I expect

Say hello to chick number one for me!
where's the Mrs then?
i'm not sure if i like being referred to as a chick but there you go. looking forward to seeing you and mum at the weekend dad
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