No Snow
I woke up this morning in great expectation that I'd be snowed in and therefore unable to cycle to work and so not have to do all those emails and reports which have been waiting since Christmas when I was keen to get home to enjoy the food that had been lovingly prepared but of course the snow had been hyped up and there was nothing so the emails and reports were done and I felt a bit better of course if there had been snow I would quickly have become cold and wet maybe even come off my bike and then have to spend a damp evening reading blogs which are of course a great thing to read because you find out other people thoughts and ideas which most often are so much better than mine but the thoughts I heard tonight were from a dozen or so extremely gifted children who were on tv making fascinating viewing rather glad that my chicks and sorry if you don't like being called a chicks were kind of normal most of the gifted kids had various hangups whereas the chicks who used to be in my nest don't seem to have so many back to the snow I think I've had it for this year so the sledge remains hung up and drying out in the garage full stop

One long sentence! Trouble is, for people like me who can't leave loose ends and like things all tied up neat, we're programmed to keep reading until until we reach the next full stop and only then do we get a task interrupt. Hence, once I started reading this post I couldn't stop until I got to the end. Not a bad idea actually; perhaps I could employ the "one sentence" concept on my physics blog; might prevent some people "timing out" after only a few sentences.
I too was disappointed the lack of snow, I also fancied a day off work...
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