Perfect Windows

I had fun tonight out
at the cinema
where I watched Hot Fuzz
a film (oh yes, that's what we do at the cinema)
which made me laugh
out loud - and more than once.
It was very silly, but,
a bit like all these funny things
there was a serious thought running throughout.

That thought (or so I thunked)
was that you can't use force
to force perfectness on a non perfect world.

Today I also tried to think of the 5 people
who had, over the last few (i.e. 100 years)
had the most influence on the world.
It was a struggle. I wonder why?
I eventually came to the same conclusion as lots of other people
Bill Gates

Do they literally run films (=celluloid) in cinemas anymore? (No more silhouettes of people coming in late!)

Given the "Butter fly effect" it makes you wonder if it is easy to define the 5 most influential people.
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