Red is the colour
I get when
I open up my email system at work
Red means 'unread'
and I have lots of them
all unread.

Red is the colour
of my face
when I've had a hard game
of squash
therefore I'm pretty pale
because I've not been playing

Red is the colour
of the setting sun on
a warm
summer's day
but I've forgotten
what that looks like.

Red is the colour
a the wine a friend brought round last night
and of the wine I had this lunchtime
both were good
I'll never forget
that red wine is sooo good

Red is the colour
of my black laptop screen
which is still broken
Is that's why I've not
been writing much recently.

Red is good and bad

you forgot about the colour red when you see Norwich perform so well and yet succumb in the last two minutes to a calamitous scoreline

PS Its nice to be back and thanks for playing so well this morning
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