Three Pictures, Same Forest

Having had a few days away, thought I'd pop up some pics of our latest trip into the New Forest.
Given that it was February, dull, wet and relatively cold, I managed to find three minutes of sun, and seeing as what it takes me so long to take pictures, only managed these three!!

On a slightly less happy note, my screen on my laptop has broken - so I've no idea what these look like!

PC world, or laptops direct, here I come.

1st and third are very good indeed. The old folks.
I agree!
consider a refurbished Mac from the uk Apple store - more resilient, better performance, no viruses, won't crash etc ;)
I like the subtle mists! Various film directors and artists would give their eye teeth to capture that atmosphere of mystery!
I agree with Joolian - not surprisingly!
third one's really good. not sure it's up to the same par as my dad's though, were you to have another competition :)
(i would say that whether it was true or not, just based on principal!)
I meant principle...
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