This little piggy went to market

Well, to be fair
these ones arrived
but were rejected
by the Christmas Market
in Norwich this week
Which I too
after just a few minutes
because it was

Is this a common feature
with Christmas fairs
a load of junk
and rejected wooden pigs.
I did manage to queue for 20 minutes in Costa
to get an equally rubbish cup of coffee
And guess what
because things come in threes
I commented on how busy
it was on a Saturday morning
before Christmas
in the city
and that we'd have been better off
sweeping the leaves in the garden.

I almost ended up on the pile of pigs.

Why were the pigs rejected?
Come on Helsalata, its obvious! They are Norwich Union ex-employees, chucked out onto the pavements to fend for themselves after being well and truly fleeced to skin - hence the pinkness.
I almost ended up on the pile of pigs

You bet you did!!!!!

Was this apparent Norwich Union metaphor intentional or is a subliminal freudian thing?
Anyway look on the bright side: bacon for those big fat director's breakfast grills are going to be cheap.

(just to extend the freudian metaphor)
I feel quite sorry for these pigs and would like to put them up around the office.
I now have a pig! It's great- I called it Freddy! He rules my office!
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